LEONPART OTOMOTIV DIS TIC. LTD. STI. Chain, Brake Caliper, Bearing Kit, Torsion Bar, Bearing Bush, Stabiliser, Leaf Spring, Fuel Pump
OTOBILYA OTOMOTIV INSAAT TEKS. GIDA VE HIZ. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. bearings, seals, gaskets, belts, engine mounts, crankshafts, pulleys, bushings
GENEX OTOMOTIV LTD. STI. Crankshafts, Auto Spare Parts, Cylinder Head, Crankshaft Supply, Used Crankshafts, Crankshaft Parts, Cylinder Heads, Bedford Crankshafts
GENMOT KRANKSAFT LTD. STI. Crankshaft, Crank, Engine Part, Truck Part, Cylinder Head, Automotive Spare Part, Crankshafts, Auto Spare Parts
UCPINAR YAPI MAL. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. auto spare parts, vehicle spare parts, automotive spare parts, spare parts for auto, spare parts for vehicle, spare parts for automotive, crank shafts, crankshaft
HATTAT OTOMOTIV PAZ. A.S. aluminum, aluminium, auto spare parts, automobile spare parts, vehicle spare parts, commercial vehicle spare parts, tractor spare parts, agricultural machine spare parts

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Our cruising started 40 years ago Full of enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, full of love to life and people… We wanted to exist in quality’s story made from the faith. We wanted our cruising to give happiness to all people with whom we have been walking together. We learned and grew up with our experiences. We became strong with our customers. Reliance and look forward hopefully to the future together with our employees efforts. We enjoy from the afct that we bringing in. We named this love Genmot… Today, as GENMOT, with - 40 years experience - Sense of quality which aim at customer satisfaction. - Modern production technics - Business sense which is innovative and continuously moving forward, we are proud of serving our products that add value to all our clients who rely on us Without forgetting how important each GENMOT product for human life and happiness is, at every stage of production, we give importance to; - Lean production basics, - Rigorous quality control, - Product analysis in international standarts. We are walking to future with strong and determined steps thanks to our experience and your energy. We thank all our employees, administrators, suppliers and customers who walked with us while we formed GENMOT brand which is pride of Turkey and will exist more 40 years with 40 years experience.In the hope of reaching greater successes together.
Since 1976; with long-standing experience... In 1976; OTOBILYA Otomotiv Tic.Ltd.Sti. was established in Ankara by Mr.Rifat Yuceturk as a spare part retailer mainly focusing on bearings, oil seals and belts. In 1990 when Mr.UgurYuceturk took over the management, Otobilya started evolving as a wholesaler while keeping the retail business.Today Otobilya holds 16 international renowned brands'distributor title and owns a house brand called "KAFFER".With 3 branches, 8500 square meters warehouse space, and 60 employees, Otobilya offers total of 185 brands' products to its customers in automotive spare parts industry, military institutions, and government agencies.Otobilya believes that its size and the strengths make him much more agile and responsive to changing trends.
We are SAGE CRANKSHAFT INDUSTRY located in Konya, Turkey; manufacturing and exporting high quality crankshafts for several engines and generators such as PERKINS, MAN, DEUTZ, SCANIA, MERCEDES ..etc. with 1 year warranty. We offer high quality products certified with ISO 9001:2000 Sage Crankshaft is in this business with an experience of years. With this experience, we are able to manufacture crankshafts from 1 cylinder up to 12 cylinders for diesel and gasoline equipments. Our aim is to provide full customer satisfaction, innovation and high quality. For this reason, we built our team from professionals. Now, we extended our customer portfolio with over 55 exporting countries. As Sage Crank, we always seek for customer satisfaction and trust. With their trust, we are able to make new investments to manufacture crankshafts we are not currently. For new or potential customers; we try our best to have quick and successfull results of their demands with a professional mind. We are ready to serve you both as a business partner and friend.
Leonpart is a Turkish company and a major international supplier of Automotive spare parts, components, equipment with the Support of more than 100 Turkish and German OEM and OES supplier factories. We export about 20 countries worldwide since 2008. • 10 years in business supplying automotive parts • All employees have technical background and knowledge • Many years of combined managerial, technical experience The Quality Policy of Leonpart is to assure that only material which conforms to our customers’ specifications and requirements is shipped from our facility. Our Quality System meets standard ISO 9001:2008. Leonpart physically inspects each lot of material and/or collects objective evidence of conformance to the customers’ specifications and requirements.
MILKON CRANKSHAFT was established for the purpose to produce high quality Crankshaft for the automotive sector.

Our company has been working with the principles of reliable service and high quality,in the field of Crankshaft, with the experience of many years. Customer satisfaction and trust are the basic principles for us.

We export our products to all over world especially to Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the USA. Our company is manufacturing all kinds of engine Crankshafts such as Marines, Tractors, Cars, Heavy-duty machines, Generators and Locomotives from 1 cyl to 20 cyl. And we also manufacture the Crankshafts according to the special order of our customers .

The function our R&D department is to catch up with the latest technology and system. Our Crankshafts are made by using the methods of ′SHELL MOLDING′ , VERTICAL CASTING, with heat treatment. And we also manufacture our Crankshafts from STEEL.Our products are in GGG 90 and DIN 1693-1793 norms.Our engine Crankshafts are produced from spherical graphite cast iron by using sorel metal. Our products have endurance against breaking, heat and expansion with their special ingredients.The tensile test bar taken before every casting analyses are done by spectrometer ourselves
Hattat Otomotiv is a company of Hattat Holding, serving in aftermarket spare parts business through its distributors in the world wide markets. Passenger cars & light commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, farm tractors and implements, industrial and mobile hydraulic are the segments where Hattat Otomotiv Pazarlama A.S takes place.
GENEX ENGINE PARTS are manufactured in the sister companies locations by specialised manufacturers and engine manufacturer suppliers. GENEX guarantee quality since quality controls are continuous and